Monday, March 9, 2015

FOSSASIA 2015: MySQL Group replication preview

I will be presenting group replication on March 14, 2015 in the FOSSASIA conference. It is a 25 minute session and you can find the schedule here.  Here is an abstract of the talk:

MySQL Replication provides a solution for High Availability and Read
Scale-Out. Replication ensures that data written on one MySQL server
is made available on other MySQL servers at runtime in a fast,
consistent and fault tolerant manner with minimal impact to the
overall performance of the server.

Traditionally, MySQL Replication supports a single master and many
slaves, and it is either asynchronous or semi-synchronous. Recently, a
preview of a new replication plugin for MySQL was released and this is
named MySQL Group Replication. This plugin provides multi-master
update everywhere capabilities, making it possible to update data,
concurrently, on any server in a group. While not a fully synchronous
replication solution such as MySQL Cluster, it does provide additional
synchronization related to message exchanged between servers in a

This talk explains how MySQL Group Replication facilitates improves
High Availability and simplifies replication and application
management - it will also include a demo.

- What's in the MySQL Group Replication MySQL 5.7 labs release.
- Understanding the architecture of MySQL Group Replication.
See you there!

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