Sunday, September 22, 2013

Finally a "software developer" !

It was the summer of 2007. I was a a class X student whose only interaction with a computer had been having played Mario once kind of 5 years ago. I was offered to choose between one of biology and computer science. Mathematics or Hindi Language being the other choice I had to make. Though I used to write poems, stories, give lecture in Hindi (believe me, I was quite famous in school for these), Mathematics was my darling (Alas, this changed at college!) and it was easy to chose Mathematics. The choice between Biology and Computer science was a difficult one and it ended up in the favor of computer science just because I was terrible at drawing a heart or a kidney. Some of my friends would remember that I took 3 hours to draw a heart in my biology class ;)

So I ended up being a computer science geek and thankfully so, for I am thoroughly enjoying the experience every single day. The next two years the only interaction I had with a computer was the blue turboC screen, yes the horrible old compiler but I have very fond memories of it, so I still don't call it stupid :) The OOPs concepts two years later was better than it is today, thanks to Nancy Madam. Ma'm, if you are reading this, you deserve a big thanks. And the choice of branch when I got into engineering was a no brainer.

Thanks to all those, whose names appear in the acknowledgement section of this blog and more, I am a proud open source contributor working for the most popular database on web- MySQL. I am a part of MySQL replication development team and working with these guys here is a looooooot of fun. Being a part of MySQL Replication for an year, I feel the best part has been the amount of learning that has come talking to the MySQLers, not to forget the NCGs 2012 (Well, we are a bunch of people, new college grads who joined MySQL in July 2012). NCGs you rock \o/.

Lets now return to the title and motivation for this post. It was a dream since 2007 when I had no interaction with computers- to develop a lot of features, to contribute to the this golden age of technology as much as I can. And the first tiny (well, tiny in terms of years of contributing to software development which I aim at) step into this world, my first design and implementation for a MySQL replication feature is now released. And while people check out the blogs on this feature, browse the source I have written, I will sit and enjoy motivating myself to do a lot more into this huge IT world. I am a software developer by choice, nothing very very big as of now, but I am confident I will make it really really big one day. For now, for the first time in my life, I feel I have become a software developer and its time to start on the journey.

And finally some advertisement :D. Please check out:

  1. My blog about this feature

  2. The official documentation

  3. Download mysql-5.7.2, try it out & let us know your feedback and

  4. The source code too, if you feel interested enough :)


My second blog on this feature-



  1. All the very best to (the budding software developer of IT world ;) ) to make it really really BIG very soon in the near future.. :) and yes, blog nicely put up!! :)

  2. I knew this guy would do great stuff, still lots of unrealized potential to convert in coming years ;)

  3. thanks N00b no. 1. Of course..this is just the beginning!

  4. I want to start contributing to open source projects.. what is the required knowledge or skill-set for that? and how do i start contributing?

  5. Start following forum first, See what people say, read about open source, Google the same question you asked me.