Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The t-20 way !!!

When England adopted the 3-captain theory recently , I was completely unimpressed and thought it would just create a confusion  .

What if the T-20 captain drops the ODI captain from his team  with  the T-20 captain  still being part of the ODI side ?? What if his performance drops in ODIs , would the captain still persist with him because he looks a talented player ?? I agree the players are true professionals , still they are  human !! Wont they secretly wish that the colleague be dropped from his side ?? Probably NOT  but what if the ODI captain is really a professional and drops him ?? what would the speculations be ?? Would it affect the selection ?? The questions are many but none can be answered because its all situational !! There is no clear-cut answer to these questions .

Whatever be the situation in the england-cricket circuit , Team India is fortunate to have such a talismanic leader at the helm-Dhoni ,the perfect one !! His feets need no mention . He started with T-20 world-cup , took the test-team to the numero-uno position and won the ODI world cup 2011 too . Add to that IPLs and champions trophy !!! Its a really big list . As a player too his stature is commendable . There was a time when the very idea of an Indian cricketer rivalling Sachin Tendulkar in the popularity stakes bordered on the preposterous. But the advent of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his meteoric rise through the ranks did just that, with a new generation transfixed by a small-town boy whose personality and background couldn't have been more different from that of Tendulkar.

But then , the current situation is alarming !!! Cricket is a team sport and no player can be valued more than the spirit of the game itself . With 8  continous test  losses overseas that too  most of them being humiliating ones and more losses than wins in T20 internationals , something must have gone wrong for sure . Including tests and T20 in the sam sentence would bother a lot of people but these are two formats of the game and both are important , a loss is a loss !!! I dont understand BCCI and selectors giving so much of importance to IPL , far lesser to T-20 internationals !! A T-20 loss seems to bother no one , I dont find a reason Yusuf Pathan not being sent for the 2 matches played in australia ,  is he not fit to play this format or is it because t-20s just dont matter ?? If they dont why have them scheduled at all ??? The only interpretation i can found is that t-20s are far less important compared to tests and ODIs .

But you see the same question again - "t-20 losses  just dont matter" .  Actually it does , it provides a momentum , a winning mindset . Had it not been very encouraging if India had defeated Australia in both the t-20s convincingly ?? Its high tome we had a different t-20 captain which will mean , there will be someone who will find these important . Not that there is no suitable person available . Kohli , Raina or even Gambhir , I think , are good .


The attitude of kohli is just that required . Also he can be groomed this way to be the next captain !!! The case of Gambhir is interesting . He is an experienced campaigner and would definitely be a safe choice but then do we see him captaining the ODI/test side after dhoni is relieved with the same ?? Probably not !!! Raina , I think has some technical adjustments to make and then prove that he can play the short-pitch stuff too .

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I have included Yuvi too in the polls , because he could be a popular option too , but then  he is out of the side now as a result of some major  health problems . I just wish he is back on the cricket field soon . We miss watching him in blue and hitting some monstrous sixes :D .

The next t-20 world cup is approaching fast . But are we desperate enough to win it ?? Are we planning ??? Dhoni has won 2 world-cups . Others may probably be more desperate to win one . For someone other than Dhoni , it will definitely matter a little more . As far as ODIs are concerned , Dhoni is going great and there is not much choice for the test captaincy .  Last but not the least , Dhoni is also a human being and you can not burden with him all the responsibility  , he needs some time for himself as well !!!

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