Monday, February 6, 2012

The Starting Dilemma !!!

As I thought of starting with my first blog today ,  I looked around for topics to write about ,thought of a number of things but i could not  find the best one  to start with . But then I found  this question .... why am i not able to decide ??? probably the

THE STARTING DILEMMA ,    In my head, I'm finished. In reality, I haven't even started !!!

Its been a long time since i first told myself -  " well,  I should start blogging !!! " . If wordpress is to be believed , I registered on the site in Jan 2011 .  Its been more than an year . All these days   I used to tell myself  " had I been blogging , I would have definitely posted one today " ,  only to find that I am in no mood to start today and finally forget about it :P.

I think I can safely presume  that I am not the only creature of  this kind  . Very Often , We do this thing where there is something we want to start.  we come up with the idea, plan it, do a bit of research[or probably just a tad :D] . We  have everything planned to start , then we plan it more extensively, and how it will turn out in the end. I anticipate how I will view it, and how others will, and think about the themes and what it means. In the end, I have a wonderful plan but I haven't started.
We  love to start things, but sometimes we think about them too much, we  plan and try to perfect them , finish them in our head but we forget that we  never actually started something to accomplish.

But I have put it to an end . This may not be the best start I could have come up  with , but the most important thing is that I have started  and now i can follow it up with all kinds of things :)

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